Issue 1, Volume 1, Now available!

The Trumpet, Volume 1, Issue 1 is now available as a PDF file for downloading.

Well, this is the very first one: Vol. 1, No. 1… and the offerings from singers started rolling in as soon as the call went out. In fact, by the end of December we had started filling up issue No. 2. So we are excited to proceed, with the goal that each issue will provide you an abundance of music of a high quality from the widest variety of authors possible.

In this first issue you will find a number of songs ranging from plain tunes, spirituals songs with choruses, fuging tunes, and a couple of more demanding pieces for you to work up to. In fact, if there is a theme to this first issue it is the theme of “dedication.” Notice how many songs are named for, or dedicated to, other singers! This is nothing new for our music (pg. 288 & 418 in both the Cooper and Denson books), but we were pleased to see that our first issue shows this tradition is charging ahead full steam in the 21st century. So even if you don’t know some of the writers, you probably know some of the people to whom the songs are dedicated. Dan Hertzler’s Lincoln Street is a dedication to the singers of Springfield, Vermont, and Blake Sizemore and Drew Smith’s Longview is named for the road where Blake’s Grandfather lived. One of these pieces was written by a young person of less than 15 years of age; we are very impressed by her work. Remember that these writers want to hear from you, so if you like their song, or have suggestions, let them know. And if you have a song that you have been tinkering with, think about sending it in for consideration to appear in a future issue. For now, let’s let the music speak. Sing on!

Dedicated to the Memory of Bob Meek.



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3 responses to “Issue 1, Volume 1, Now available!

  1. Byron Burchett

    Would it be possible for midi files of the songs to be posted along with the printed music? That way, we could hear electronically the songs before trying to sing them. I use the Sacred Harp.mus site from time to time ( ) for this purpose. Perhaps they could include a “Trumpet” section at that site.

  2. Logan Green

    Here is a link to MP3s of a few Vol 1, Issue 1 songs recorded with a few friends after the monthly Oxford, MS Sacred Harp singing. We had time to sight-read only a few, and I salvaged the acceptable portions.

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