Report on the San Francisco Singing

We held a singing from The Trumpet, Vol 1, Issue 1, in San Francisco. We sang through all the compositions, and recorded them too, with a relatively primitive setup. Here are several of the recordings I managed to salvage:

The last two tunes were new tunes not in the Trumpet.



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2 responses to “Report on the San Francisco Singing

  1. Dan

    Thanks for posting these!

    One minor correction: “Peace with Tripoli” has a tune and bass part written by Stephen Jenks in 1805; the text is an anonymous poem celebrating the end of the successful U.S. military intervention in Tripoli (what we now call Libya); the treble and counter parts are new but the tune itself is old. A PDF of the music is online here:

    You can also find a score for “Leave the Ground” online at S. Sandrigon’s Web site, as a JPEG file, here:

  2. Logan Green

    Here is a link to MP3s of a few Vol 1, Issue 1 songs recorded with a few friends after the monthly Oxford, MS Sacred Harp singing. We had time to sight-read only a few, and I salvaged the acceptable portions.

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