The Trumpet Volume 1, Issue 2

Download The Trumpet 2011 Vol 1, Issue 2.

As submissions from singers started rolling in as soon as the call went out for The Trumpet, so they have continued to roll in. This promises quality issues still to come, and we hope it will encourage others who have not yet offered their tunes. If you have a song, consider submitting it for a future issue.

In this issue you will find hymn tunes, part songs, fuging tunes—a little something for everyone. The tunesmiths are from varied places, including one of our Sacred Harp community “across the pond.” Tune names will remind you of people, places and things. Some composers you will know, perhaps others you will not. Fynn Titford-Mock’s tune name speaks to us of Hauxley in Northumberland. Dan Brittain’s Ruth is a memorial for Ruth Denson Edwards. John Merritt and Timothy Gilmore’s “Trav’ler’s Rest – Samson” reminds us of a great singing stop in southeast Alabama, but also commends two singers in the northeast who have provided a “traveler’s rest” for traveling singers. And we also have Charles Obert’s moving tune Nightfall, a tribute to his wife, Cindy Kissee, who chose the words for Charles’s tune, written a month before her death.

Check out all these tunes. There’s a message in each hymn, a story behind each tune name, and a piece of a composer’s heart in each tune. As we mentioned last issue, please remember that these shape-note tunewriters would love to hear from you. If you like their songs or have comments, feel free to contact them or post a comment at

Sing On!

The Editors


  • Why Four Shapes?, Will Fitzgerald
  • Regional Report: First Ireland Sacred Harp Convention, Alice Maggio
  • Biography: Edmund Dumas, Chloe Webb


  • Hope and Power, Tom M Padwa, 17
  • God of Might, Julian Dameshek, 18
  • Hauxley, Fynnian Titford-Mock, 19
  • Candler Park, Aldo Thomas Ceresa, 20
  • Auburndale, Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, 21
  • Ruth, P Dan Brittain, 22
  • Die No More, S. Sandrigon, 23
  • Border, Logan Green, 24
  • Euclid, Dan Harper, 25
  • Exalted Hope, David Wright, 26
  • Golgotha, Matthew Bell, 27
  • New Canada, KR Swenson, 28
  • Impermanence, James P Page, 29
  • Trav’ler’s Rest – Samson, John Merritt, 30
  • Nightfall, Charles Obert, 31
  • Highest Glory, Anne Heider, 32

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