Revisions to issue 3

I made some changes to The Trumpet, Volume 1, Issue 3, and you might want to get an updated copy:

  1. Corrections to text in the opening sections
  2. Corrections to music (Stanton, God’s Promise, Vaughn)
  3. Restored Daniel Read’s original alto line to Stafford (The Trumpet’s version has new lyrics).
Thanks to our sharp-eyed readers!

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One response to “Revisions to issue 3

  1. Dan

    Thanks for the nice new words to Stafford! Nice imagery, and fun to sing. Thanks also for providing the original alto line, which I prefer to the version in the Sacred Harp.

    For what it’s worth, the poetry currently associated with the tune Stafford, a metrical paraphrase of part of Psalm 118 by Isaac Watts, originally had six verses. So another approach to providing alternate words is to use one of the other verses from the original poem. I’ve put sheet music with two of those verses, along with my rationale for doing do, on the Web here:

    I know that there are other singers out there who have written, or come up with, alternate words to Stafford. Perhaps some of them will put their alternate words up on the Web, and provide links in the comments here. As far as I’m concerned, the more words we have to go with this great tune, the better!

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