Volume 2, Issue 2 (May, 2012) Issue of The Trumpet Announced

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land. — Song of Solomon 2:12

Download Volume 2, Issue 2, The Trumpet


  • In this Issue, iii
  • A Peek at the New Cooper Book, by Karen Willard, iv
  • Sacred Harp Takes Root at Bennington College, by Kestrel Slocombe, v
  • Psalm 121, by Isaac Watts, v


  • Laurelton, Deidra M. Montgomery, 67
  • Walton, Ed E. Thacker, 68
  • Joshua, Glenn Keeton & Chris Ballinger, 69
  • Flaming Tongues, Gabrielle Fulmer, 70
  • Olive Tree, Carol Mendicott & R.C. Webber, 71
  • Evergreen, Logan Green, 72
  • Palmer, Kevin Barrans, 73
  • The Trumpet Sounds, K.R. Swenson, 74
  • Kyrkjebøbakken, James Solheim, 76
  • Forest Rose, Thurlow Weed, 77
  • Lamb of God, Theresa Hamrick Westmoreland, 78
  • Allegheny, G.J. Hoffman, 78
  • Runyan, Micah Sommer, 79
  • NoW I Was Free, Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, 80
  • Needful, Janie Short, 82

We are all glad to be welcoming the warmer days and the big summer season of Singings that comes with it — Fourth of July Singings, Decoration Day Singings, Camp Fasola, and countless other singings, both large and small, that we look forward to each Spring and Summer. As you travel on your way this year, chances are you might even meet up with one of the authors whose music finds its way into our pages.

A small and humble effort with no monetary obligation, our thrice- yearly publication reaches around the world, and across the united bands of fasola singers. We hope you will enjoy the songs and — “look out!” — because there are beautiful songs being written all around you, and we like to think that we play a part in encouraging those who are writing in solitude to “let their songs abound.”

So take a look at these songs and see what speaks to you; some are
by authors whom we are presenting for the first time, though their names might be familiar to you. Ed Thacker’s Walton and Deidra Montgomery’s laurelton are among a group of plain-tunes and hymn tunes that will please and surprise you. Theresa Westmoreland, of Addison, Alabama, wrote the words and music for lamb of God, and shows a fine ear for dispersed harmony. Don’t overlook Palmer by Kevin Barrans either — sometimes those ‘little songs’ have a lot to say, and we appreciate the writers who keep them coming.
For lovers of fugues and anthems we have something for you as well, K.R. Swenson offers The Trumpet Sounds (a title we like very much); Logan Green’s Evergreen and Micah Sommer’s Runyan are fine examples of the fuging style as well. Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg offers an anthem with text by Harriet Tubman — a portion of which will serve to complete our introduction:

“There was such glory over everything, the sun came like gold through the trees, and I felt like I was in heav’n.”

— The Editors ed@singthetrumpet.com


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