Revisions to Issues 2.1 and 2.2

There have been a few more changes (to fix typographical errors) in Issue 2, Volume 2. You may want new copies of the tune OLIVE TREE (corrected composer’s name) and the table of contents.

A significant change was made to Issue 2, Volume 1: We added a tune by James P. Page, BERRYTREE, at page 66 (the last page). This will keep the pagination running continuously. We had hoped to include BERRYVILLE in 2.2, but space constraints prevented us. So, print out 66, and add it to your collection — and, most importantly, sing it!

The Index file has also been updated.



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2 responses to “Revisions to Issues 2.1 and 2.2

  1. Can you give me a refresher course on what Volume and Issue mean exactly? And thanks for adding the month and year in parens. Having that as a starting place helps me. Great magazine. There was another post regarding keeping the songs in line (some were added in a particular location in the document in order to achieve this) I am hopeful I can learn to be comfortable with this publication style and zip through it like an expert.

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