The Trumpet, Volume 3, Issue 2, now available

Download the new issue: The Trumpet, Volume 3, Issue 2.

From the editors:

We are delighted to bring before you another set of tunes composed in the tradition of dispersed harmony. Although these tunes will arrive to you a little later than usual ­— such are the pecadillos of the volunteer workforce involved — we think you’ll find these tunes “tunable and sound.”

You may be glad to know where some of the more unusal names come from. Chmielno by P. Dan Brittain was written for Camp Fasola Europe, held in that Polish city, and Plac Unii Lubleskiej, by Steve Helwig, is named for Lubin Union Square in Warsaw — so we are keeping up our Poland connections.
Matt Cartmill’s arrangement of Condescension found in the Southern Harmony may require special attention. It is in Mixolydian mode — it begins and ends on sol! — not the norm for Sacred Harp music. Matt wrote that he thought the tune “cried out” to be sung in Mixolydian. Give it a try.

We have one composer that we have not previously published — Christina Wallin’s sweet G# minor tune, Haven, can be found on page 116. We’ve enjoyed singing Kevin Barran’s tune, Shoreline, very slowly (as indicated); it’s a majestic plain tune doxology that will bring a class together, if the class is willing. Of course, we are also represented by other fine tunesmiths, including more plain tunes than usual. We like plain tunes, and are glad to publish them!

We do have two fine anthems. Nikos Pappas’s Bishkek is a fine setting of Perronet’s “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.” Bishkek is named for the capital of Kyrgyzstan, where Nikos was sent as a cultural emmisary of the U.S. State Department to celebrate 20 years of peaceful relations between these two countries. Anne Heider’s Advent arrives in plenty of time to prepare for the Advent season — a good pairing with Linda Sides’s advent text for Good Tidings.

As we go to press, news comes to us of the death of our friend and mentor, Jeff Sheppard. We hope you’ll enjoy Tom Malone’s little tale of the Rocking Chair Convention, and we are grateful to Ginnie Ely for allowing us to publish her poem.

Sing on!

Dedicated to the memory of Jeff Sheppard.

— The Editors



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2 responses to “The Trumpet, Volume 3, Issue 2, now available

  1. Nikos

    Thanks so much to the editors for all their fine work and dedication. I feel honored to be represented in some of the issues of “The Trumpet.” Thanks again!

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