Volume 3.3 of The Trumpet available

Download the new issue here.

As we complete nearly 150 pages of tunes and the third volume of our humble offering, The Trumpet, and in a season of Thanksgiving, we are grateful to all the composers and authors who share, and singers who sing, the music we set before you.

We have several newly published composers in this issue. Phil Summerlin’s Didache is a communion text taken from an ancient Christian treatise; Phil did both the tune and the poetic translation. Micah John Walter contributes Cold River, a short marching fuge. Micah Sommersmith provides Watts’ Pains, a meditation on affliction. Scott Luscombe’s Stanley is a setting for “Trav’ler, haste the night comes on.” After Cory Winter moved to Austin, he wrote his eponymous tune for the group he sings with there.

This issue has two anthems — both Gray and Memorial anthem have Dan Brittain’s name attached to them; the latter was written in collaboration with Bruce Randall. Gray has delightful poetry and you’ll find the four pages of Memorial Anthem a good challenge for your sight-singing skills.
In addition, you’ll find tunes by people we are starting to consider Trumpet “regulars,” — Rob Kelley, Linda Sides, Stanley Smith (to whom we wish a speedy recovery), Ed Thacker, Matt Bell, Aldo Ceresa, and Randy Webber. Randy’s tune, Kynzie, has a story that goes with it. Randy heard a young girl named Kynzie (pronounced like “Kinsey”) humming a tune. With her mother’s permission, Randy transcribed it and wrote fuging parts to go with it.

On the last page, you’ll find two plain tunes by Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg. Anniston was written right after Jesse heard the news of Jeff Sheppard’s death, and Farewell Brethren seems a fitting song to sing as we say goodbye yet again to a singer we miss deeply, and as a parting song for this year’s issue.

We look forward to the new year, though — and your new compositions. Look for news of a compilation of the first three years of tunes from The Trumpet, and additions to our editorial staff. But mostly, send us your tunes, and Sing on!


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