The Trumpet, Vol 4, Issue 1 (February, 2014)

From the Editors

The Trumpet, Volume 4, Issue 1. Download.

A new year, and a new volume of The Trumpet; a good time to consider new things. The most delightful thing is that Rachel Wells Hall, one of the editors of the well-received Shenandoah Harmony, has agreed to join the editorial board of The Trumpet. Her expertise, we are sure, will add to the quality of our humble periodical. Rachel has agreed to curate, starting with this issue, a column called “Old Paths,” which examines old tunes, texts, and composers that have much to teach us in the present. In this issue, Rachel presents two tunes from the recently rediscovered Songs of Zion (1821), by James P. Carrell. We are very pleased that Tom Malone will stay on as a “founding editor,” and the rest of the board sends congratulations to him and Johanna on the birth of their son.

You may have had the pleasure of listening to Buell Cobb tell stories of Sacred Harp and shape note worthies; if not, we wish this pleasure on you. Wade Kotter reviews Buell’s new book, Like Cords Around My Heart: A Sacred Harp Memoir in this issue.

And tunes — of course, we have tunes. We asked Tom and Rachel to grace this issue with their compositions, and they each have provided page-and-a-half fuges — an interesting titbit of continuity and synchronicity. We have composers who have not appeared yet in The Trumpet. Yotin Tiewtrakul, of Hamburg, Germany, provides us with the provocatively titled Rulers of Sodom. Daniel Hunter’s arrangement of “a Baptist tune” he transcribed from Florida singer Tollie Lee, God’s Unchanging Hand, is, in Daniel’s words, “pretty catchy.” And Jason R. Fruit, a new singer from Illinois, gifted us with a plain tune, Old Stone.

Perhaps the most challenging piece is Aldo Ceresa’s Out of the Deeps, a three-page minor anthem with time changes. Give this some time! Wade Kotter’s tribute to Shelbie Sheppard, Muscadine, is here too. Other tunes are by composers you may recognize from past issues of The Trumpet.

Speaking of which — send in your compositions! We are excited to share this music with singers around the world.
— The Editors


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