The Trumpet, Vol 4, Issue 2 (December, 2014)

It’s here. Have you been wondering when the next issue of The Trumpet was coming out? So have we! The Trumpet, Volume 4, Issue 2 is now available as a PDF file for downloading. Here’s the link: Download, link, and sing!
This new issue contains 11 recently written tunes by living composers, who are also Sacred Harp singers. We have a wide range of composers and compositions. Remember that these writers would love to hear from you. So if you like a song or have suggestions, let them know, or send us a message to pass on. In addition to songs by living composers, an 18th century tune by Nehemiah Shumway is included as part of the “Old Paths” column by Rachel Wells Hall.
This issue is dedicated to the memory of Raymond Hamrick.
 Help us sing these songs!
From the Editors, iii
Old Paths: Nehemiah Shumway, iv
Laminack, Thomas A. Ivey 165
Cabbage Town, Thomas Ward, 166
Legacy, Dennis George, 167
The Lord’s My Shepherd, Nancy Kulik, 167
Follow On, Tracey Craig McKibben, 168
Wordly Charms, Angharad Davis, 169
Carrollton, Aldo Thomas Ceresa, 170
Town Creek, T. D. George, 172
Little Vine, Cory Winters, 173
Lynn, Nikos Pappas, 174
Judgment, Nehemiah Shumway, 176
Waddell Street, Jesse P. Karlsberg, 178
From the Editors of The Trumpet


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2 responses to “The Trumpet, Vol 4, Issue 2 (December, 2014)

  1. First erratum: A slight change to Judgment (pages 177-178). Corrected version is at the same location:

  2. Second edit: We’ve added an attribution for the text of LITTLE VINE.

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