The Trumpet, Vol 5, Issue 1 (September, 2015)

The Trumpet, Volume 5, Issue 1 (September, 2015)

We are pleased to present to the singing public a new issue of The Trumpet. Its songs have been gathered in from the United Kingdom and the United States, from North and South. We hope that classes of singing friends, in the range of tunes newly on offer here, will find more than the excuse they need to come together with open hearts and ears—in joint service to the warm fellow feeling enabled by the composers’ work and by their own proper work of forming a congregation in “sweet communion” (as Christopher Coughlin reminds us in his essay for this issue, “The Importance of Listening”).

The songs in this issue testify to a growing interest among Sacred Harp singers in sharing new songs and arrangements, introducing seven new composers, along with eight veteran contributors. Composers new to The Trumpet run the gamut from long-familiar presences in the hollow square to the two youngest composers yet featured (The Christian’s Entreaty and Centre Hall were authored at the ages of seventeen and nine, respectively).  Our new issue’s composers have taken lyrical inspiration from a diversity of interesting sources ranging from Moby-Dick (Jonah) to a “new book” song known in bluegrass circles (When I Die, I’ll Live Again) to contemporary verse written by a fellow singer (Soldiers’ Home) to camp meeting lyrics (We’ll Land On Shore) to a section of Tate and Brady’s Psalm 42 different from the verses we know in Converting Grace. We also present the first-ever publication of a song from more than two hundred years ago, Truman S. Wetmore’s Washington, which was previously only available in manuscript form.

“I can shout, and I can sing, / Make His praises gladly ring!” Enjoy!

— The Editors


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