From the founders of The Trumpet: Thomas B. Malone, Will Fitzgerald, and R.L. Vaughn:

Dear Sacred Harp Singers — We come to you with a new idea, that is actually quite old. As you may know, B.F. White had a newspaper called “The Organ” in which many new songs appeared.  There is now such an outpouring of new and heartfelt Sacred Harp songwriting that we felt that the idea could be put into use today. Imagine–with email and PDF files, a small pamphlet of new songs could be produced quite easily, one that could be sung at practice singings all over this country. It is a simple idea, but we believe that, if put forward in a spirit of sincerity to the Sacred Harp community, we can provide a valuable service to singers and songwriters alike. We are excited about this project, and hope that it will meet with the approval and good will of singers through out the Sacred Harp Singing community — “through all the world the echo bounds!”

The following criteria shall guide the editorial board in making their selection. We strive to publish

  • Compositions of merit that are written in the styles of The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition; The Sacred Harp, Cooper Edition; or The J.L. White Sacred Harp.
  • A balance of styles that more or less reflects the contents of these books.
  • A selection of sacred texts that are appropriate for the contexts in which we sing.
  • A variety of types of songs, including plain tunes, fuges, and the occasional anthem; a balance of major and minor songs; and a mix of levels of difficulty.
  • A diversity of composers, including both new and seasoned songwriters, composers from different regions of the United States and abroad, and composers from a variety of singing backgrounds. We encourage submissions from members of groups that have been underrepresented thus far, including women, people of color, youth under 21, and singers of the traditional Sacred Harp communities.

The Trumpet does not own any rights to the songs that appear here. As its name suggests, it is merely the instrument by which these new tunes will be “sounded out” to the singing public. “The Trumpet” will be available twice a year as a PDF file. We hope these songs will be enjoyed at practice singings, house/kitchen/porch singings, or social singings where people gather to enjoy hearing new music.

Composers, please submit your songs to the following email address: Ed@SingTheTrumpet.com

Sincerely yours,

The Editorial Board,

Rachel Wells Hall, Philadelphia PA, Music editor
Will Fitzgerald, Kalamazoo MI
James Nelson Gingerich, Goshen IN
R.L. Vaughn, Mt. Enterprise TX
Leah Velleman, Boston MA
Tarik Wareh, Albany NY
Thomas B. Malone, Boston MA, Emeritus