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Call for compositions for Issue 5.2

As we’re moving towards completing Issue 5.1, we’re putting out a call for compositions for The Trumpet, Volume 5, Issue 2. The deadline is September 15. Please email your songs to, preferably in PDF format. Songs that are selected for possible inclusion will be sent to groups around the country to review and composers will receive the groups’ comments later in the fall.

The Trumpet currently has well over a hundred submitted songs, and we can only publish a fraction of those we receive. If you have composed a lot of songs, please limit yourself to sending us no more than four of your best songs. If you sent songs more than a year ago and haven’t heard back, please let us know whether you would still like us to keep them in consideration.


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Call for Compositions and Upcoming Singings

We’re putting out a call for compositions for The Trumpet, Vol 5, Issue 1. Email your composition to, preferably in PDF format. 

 We’re also pleased to announce two upcoming informal Trumpet singings, both of which will include a selection of recently published songs and songs that have been submitted for consideration for future issues.  The first is an adjunct to the All-California Convention in Alameda, January 17-18, 2015, and the other is at the Keystone Convention in Philadelphia, January 24-25, on Saturday after the conclusion of the singing.  In order to be considered for these sessions, please send us your songs by January 12.  We will continue to accept submissions for the next issue up to February 15.

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