What should I submit?

We accept songs in the style of The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition; The Sacred Harp, Cooper Edition; or The J.L. White Sacred Harp.

If you have composed a lot of songs, please send us no more than four of your best. The Trumpet currently has well over a hundred submitted songs, and we can only publish a fraction of those we receive.

How do I submit?

Send a PDF of your song by email to ed@singthetrumpet.com.

When should I submit?

Several times a year, we post calls for submissions for an upcoming issue. Watch this site, our Facebook page or the fasola-songwriters mailing list for announcements.

How do you choose songs?

Songs we are considering for publication will be tried out at an informal test singing. We will make the final selection for each issue based on comments at the test singings and the editors’ own judgment.

We try to maintain a balance of songs in each issue — both fuges and plain tunes, both major and minor keys, and no more than one anthem per issue. If we get, say, too many minor tunes for one issue, we may save some of them for future issues.

We also try to maintain a balance of composers, and have started limiting ourselves to one song per composer per year.

Do you give feedback?

If we bring your song to a test singing, we will pass along any comments the singers have.

If we decide to publish your song, we may give you more detailed feedback to help you polish it for publication.

What if I submitted something a while ago?

Normally we keep songs under consideration for at least a year.

We ask that you have no more than four songs under consideration with us at a time. If you have submitted more than four in the past, and you would like to send us a new one, you can let us know by email which of the old ones you’d like to withdraw.

If you’re not sure which of your songs are still being considered, you can inquire by email.

How does copyright work in The Trumpet?

You retain the copyright for anything we publish. That means that you can publish it elsewhere later, or do anything else you want with it.

To submit a song, you must grant other people the right to print it out and share copies of it, bring it to singings, and post recordings of it so long as they’re not charging money for the recording. Our usual practice is to license songs under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike 3.0 Unported License, which takes care of all of those rights. If you prefer a different license, let us know when you submit your song.


Where can I sing from The Trumpet?

Mostly, The Trumpet is used at informal house singings, or at social singings after conventions.

If your area has a regular “other books” singing, they may be interested in singing from The Trumpet too.

Can I organize a Trumpet singing?

Yes! From time to time, groups of singers have gotten together specifically to sing from The Trumpet. In the past there have been singings like this in the Bay Area and Austin, TX, and maybe other places too.

If you plan to host a gathering like this, let us know and we’ll help you spread the word.

Where can I attend a test singing?

We hold several test singings a year to try out new songs that we are considering for publication. We will announce upcoming test singings on this site, on our Facebook page, and on the fasola-songwriters mailing list.

Can I organize a test singing?

If you’re interested in hosting a test singing — either as a standalone event or as part of a convention — let us know. We’ll send you a packet of songs to test, and some suggestions for gathering comments and feedback.


Where can I listen to songs from The Trumpet?

We have posted recordings from recent test singings on our Soundcloud page.

Can I make recordings of songs from The Trumpet?


There are a few restrictions. You need to credit the composer. And if you want to record something for commercial purposes — say, to put on an album you are selling — you will need the composer’s special permission.

Can I send you recordings of songs from The Trumpet?

We would love to link to any recordings you’ve posted elsewhere. To keep our costs down, we cannot host recordings ourselves. If you need a place to upload a recording to, try Soundcloud for audio or YouTube for video.


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